Thursday, 21 October 2010

Last order date for Christmas delivery is the 29th November

Eek.....can't believe its that time of year to remind people that my last order date for Christmas delivery is the 29th November don't leave it to late as this may change depending on how busy I am.

Happy Shopping x

Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Pageboy thank you plaque

After alot of requests for a pageboy thank you plaque to match the bridesmaid & Flowergirl plaque,  here it is. For some reason I do find it difficult to make boys from fimo maybe its years of making fairies so I hope i've done okay.

I've used an oblong plaque in pale blue. I can change the wording for Usher, Best Man, Father of the bride etc. But if you do have any other message I can add this for you.

Will soon be available on my website under Wedding Gifts


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Blast from the past

Had a really lovely day yesterday, after reading a post on a forum about handmade buttons I was suddenly taken back 20 plus years to when I first started working in Cardiff in a little shop (and I mean a really small shop) called Claire Grove Buttons. I think I was about 16 but was given the chance to do what I loved being creative. Claire the owner made buttons from fimo and back in those days the fimo was rock hard so wasn't the easiest clay to use but the whole process of making the buttons like sticks of rock that you buy on holiday and getting the most fascinating designs it was so clever. The shop also sold Jewellery finding and beads, this was my favorite job sorting them out, making jewellery to sell and tidying up at the end of the day.

Working here I would say gave me the inspiration to start running my own business, you don't need to have a huge empire to have a successful business just the love of doing it is enough.
I'm also glad to see that the shop is still there and proves that the dream I was chasing and striving for can be a lasting one.


Monday, 11 October 2010

New Clock

I'm pleased to say at long last I have finally finished my daughters new bedroom clock which I'm really pleased with. With lots of help from Emily designing it, I've decided to add it to my website and hopefully get some positive feed back.

We both wanted something colourful that would stand out and add a feature to a blank wall. The individual numbers are painted in the colours she has on her bed covers and wall paper.

Emily is very excited that she now has her clock but has also designed a product for Mummy's website. You can find it here
Price £25.99
I hope you like it? I will be adding pictures for a boys clock soon


Thursday, 7 October 2010

New black wooden letters

I couldn't resist making these wooden letters for my home, and coming from wales cwtch was the perfect word to use. These wooden letters are made from plywood which make them slightly lighter than the MDF wooden letters I normally use. They have a rustic look with the nature and texture of the wooden showing through the acrylic paint. Also the new font style makes these letters look amazing feature to any wall.

These letters are all lowercase the max height is 22cms tall (all letters are sold by the height of the capital letters) they are £8 per letter

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shabby chic handmade bathroom door plaque

This very cute bathroom door plaque comes in a few colours, pale blue, pale pink, yellow, green, cream or lilac. with twine and ribbon to hang or sticky fixers. price £6.99 visit

Monday, 4 October 2010

NOEL wooden letters

Just in time for Christmas these custom handmade freestanding wooden letters any name or word, prices start from £12 for 3 letters available in 4 colours. 12cm tall for capitals lowercase slightly smaller in proportion with the capitals, be creative and add a chic touch to your christmas


Freestanding wooden letters

Finally they are ready, custom handmade freestanding wooden letters. Available in 4 colours Gold, silver, black and rustic red. Price from £12 for 3 letters
Available at

All the letters are attached so when you order please remember that for example Mr&Mrs will come as one chain with no gaps as you see in the picture, they are made from plywood so are quite light in weight and are 12cm tall & 12mm thick. These letters are available in lowercase and capitals or a mixture of both unfortunately the lowercase letters fgjpqy will not stand so if you have these letters in your word choice you would need capitals letters to ensure they stand.

Mr & Mrs is a very popular for weddings, they can be used to decorate the wedding top table or the cake table & used at home afterwards for a keepsake.

Other ideas for the freestanding wooden letters are NOEL, COOK, BABY, HOME, EAT, LOVE, BATH remember you can also have names eg EMILY or initials M&J. The chain of letters can be as long as 9 letters

The list is endless.