Monday, 10 October 2011

Countdown Christmas Giveaway No4

Hi everyone,

My next giveaway I've decided to move here, my Blog, and thought this time I would get you to tell me if you had one Christmas wish what would that wish be....... I will pick 1 winner from the entries when the giveaway closes at 2pm on Monday 17th October and will announce the winner after 6pm the same day on this blog. The winner will win 3 x Personalised Christmas Stars.  Please let all your friends know by sharing the link below thanks. Remember you can only enter by commenting on this blog post only.
Please note if you don't have a google account when leaving your comment, where it asks "choose an identity" please use "name/URL" otherwise you will be asked to sign up.

A full description of the star can be found here

Good Luck everyone



Emma Tustian said...

Lovely giveaway. My Christmas wish would be for my OH not to have to work and for us to be able to spend the whole day at home along with the rest of the family (all the nephews & niece, in-laws and my family) to have a proper traditional christmas, especially having stockings we can all open together first thing, rather than waking up to find he's gone to work (he's a farmer)

michaela britton said...

my wish would be that my neice amy gets the doner she needs to make her heart better

Tracy K Nixon said...

My Christmaswish would be for my children to have the best Christmas ever - to be healthy and happy on the day and for no mishaps or fallings out!

Wendy said...

My Christmas wish would be to not have a vacant chair at the dinner table.

amanda gately said...

My Christmas wish would be for us as a family to spend it together this year, have had some hard years with the kids health and sent a few seperated because of hospital admissions, but you know what it made us stronger and closer as a family and i wouldn't have it any other way. Christmas is all about having a positive outlook on life and of course Sants helps to.I nice little win would make it all perfect.x

daisybeebee said...

My christmas wish would be for my dad to get the all clear from the hospital and to have a wonderful laughter filled christmas with all his grandchildren and family.

I am Sharon Hingley on Facebook

chinichats said...

My Christmas wish would be to have one more Christmas Day with my Mam and Dad, but sadly they are no longer here.